April 23, 2017
3 months and 25 days since
our celebration.


The Project Prom board has made increases to the point values for donated time, item donations and meeting attendance.  With more points available, Seniors can increase their chances to win big prizes at Project Prom. Show the Senior Class of 2017 some love! Get involved!


Project Prom will be raising funds by running the concession stands for boys' basketball and girls' soccer home games.  Click on the link below to view the schedule for boys' basketball home games. Once the soccer schedule is available, it will be posted also.  All shifts will be listed in the Volunteer Sign-up page.  Students are welcome to work shifts too!

Boys' Home Basketball Games

It's NOT too late! Make your $20.17 donation.
Congratulations to those Seniors who maximized their points by meeting the October 31st deadline for the Senior donation.  1000 points!

It's not too late to make your Senior donation. If you donate $20.17 for the Class of 2017 to Project Prom by December 16th, your Senior will receive
500 points!  

For each $10 increment donation increase added by this deadline, your Senior will receive an additional 250 points. The point value will decrease after December 16th.  Let's grab those points! Go to the Donation page to donate online or see a board member for a cash donation. Thank you for supporting this Senior event.
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